Starlight Shores Meets Jared

After having everything he owned destroyed, Jared decided to leave Riverview, and start another life in Starlight Shores. He was no longer human, but something more powerful.


A vampire with unique talents. Jared wasted no time spreading his name around Starlight Shores. He had a few connects in Riverview that he kept in contact with.


Selling any drug he could get his hands on, Jared was determined to take over Starlight Shores. He worked during the day and partied all night. Jared was making money, but yet it wasn’t enough.


During one of his wild parties, Jared received a phone call that would change his life in a way that he never imagined. A well known drug lord named Alfonz demanded that he meets with Jared as soon as possible to discuss some future business plans.


Jared was surprised that Alfonz even knew who he was, but he was not the type to work for other people. Jared told Alfonz that he was not interested in no weak ass business plans and that he’s doing fine moving weight on his own. Little did Jared know, Alfonz was very consistent and always gets what he wants. Jared finally agreed to meet with Alfonz just to hear the bullshit he had to say.

The party was cut short after Jared got off the phone. Not too long after that he heard a knock at the door. It was Alfonz. Jared let him in, and kept his eye on him.

Jared: So what’s this business shit you wanna talk about?

Alfonz: I’ve been hearing good shit about you, Jared. I’ve been watching you for some time now.

Jared: What you mean you been watchin me. You on some stalking shit, I see.

Alfonz: *Laughs* No, not a stalker. I was simply keeping an eye on my investment.

Jared: Investment? You ain’t invest shit over here.

Alfonz: Your guys you talk to over in Riverview are my guys. They work for me. They’ve been working for me for years. The drugs you’ve been selling are also my drugs. I’ve been letting you get away with making a little profit off of my products.

Jared: Your products? Man, that’s some bullshit. I don’t believe that at all. Go ahead and get to the point. I’m slowly losin my patience.

Alfonz: Work for me. You will make way more money than you do on the streets. You’re dealing to the little fish. I can get you connected to the big fish.

Jared looked at Alfonz, but didn’t say a word. He was thinking that Alfonz is a well known drug lord, but that can change easily. Alfonz extended his hand to Jared, hoping that Jared will accept the offer.

Jared: Man, I bank bout a grand a day. You a drug lord and all, but how much more can I make workin for a man that don’t even get his hands dirty?

Alfonz: Why get your hands dirty, when you can have someone do it for you and make $10,000 in less than 24 hours? Listen Jared, I’m not going to beg you. This is an opportunity for you to do something big.

Jared: What if I refuse?

Alfonz: Then you refuse. Just know that this little shit hole you live in will be destroyed by sunrise.


Jared shook Alfonz’s hand and smiled. He looked around to make sure there was no one around. Jared had a good grip on Alfonz’s hand. Alfonz looked at Jared as he waits for Jared to let go.


Jared quickly bit Alfonz on the wrist. Alfonz screamed and fell to the floor as Jared drinks his blood. Alfonz became weak and things began to get blurry. Jared kept drinking his blood until there was no more left. Alfonz lays on the floor lifeless. Jared is covered in blood.

Jared: Looks like you’re not the drug lord of Starlight Shores anymore, Alfonz. Don’t worry. I’ll take over and build the empire you thought you would have.

Jared took Alfonz’s phone and wallet. He spent all night cleaning up the mess and planning his next move. Exhausted from all the cleaning and thinking, Jared decided to get some rest because he knew that the next few days are going to be crazy. Starlight Shores meet Jared.



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